Hi! I am Yingyi Shu. I am a junior studying Information Science with the focus on Human-Computer Interaction at Cornell University. My overarching research interest lies in technology supports behavior change and augments human intelligence, mobile and ubiquitous computing, user interfaces design tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, I am a UX designer and had experience working with multidisciplinary people. I am also interested in the broad field of Psychology, Education and Game Design.

I've always been curious and passionate about learning how the motivations and feelings of people impact their actions and want to create things solving real world problems and making social impact. 


I am 

        -    An aspiring designer

        -    A curious engineer

        -    A creative artist and digital creator 

        -    An active listener and communicator 

        -    A motivated learner and collaborator 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me and my projects. Always happy to chat over email or via LinkedIn!