A personal fabrication system that crochets a coarse model of a 3D geometry

Interactive Designer, Research Assistant 

January 2019 - Present

1 professor, 1 mentor, undergraduate research assistants 

Arduino, Fusion 360, Repetier Host,

Laser cutting, 3D printing 


CrochetMatic is a personal fabrication system that crochets a coarse model of a 3D geometry. 

The system requires the following software tools easily and freely available on common operating systems:

  • Arduino IDE for programming the firmware running on both the RAMPS Board and the Teensy.

  • Fusion 360 for modeling and modifying CAD files. Note that some available legacy components were designed in SolidWorks which is only available on windows computers and requires a license. The documentation includes a pointer to the Google Cloud directory in which the .stl, .dxf, and .pdf files that are needed for fabrication are hosted.

  • Repetier Host for communicating with the RAMPS board through G-Code instructions and executing the generated commands for knitting.

My role includes designing hardware assets, defining knits, setting up physical prototype and calibration. 



Here are some examples knitted by the system. 



View more details in GitHub

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